Taking every effort to reduce, reuse and recycle...

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Antiques and Vintage are Green

From fast fashion to cheap disposable furniture, modern consumption is dominated by mass-produced items that aren't exactly good for the environment.

In comparison, there's a lot to be said about second-hand, pre-used, pre-loved pieces.


Maybe it's a well-made piece of furniture built to last by a professional craftsman, or a hand thrown ceramic vase, carefully decorated and fired in small batches?

Perhaps it's the perfectly useable, well-used comfy chair that would look amazing reupholstered. Or what about that old, rustic, weatherworn statue that would look great in your garden?

It's not just old, broken, unattractive stuff that your granny threw out! Nor is it just overpriced, eye-wateringly expensive, ultra-rare items from antiquity.


Antiques and Vintage items can be surprisingly affordable. Plus, as well as being great for the environment, they all have soul, a history, a story to tell. And, unlike modern mass-produced items, they are likely to retain or in some cases increase in value as the years go on.

Save money on buying new; reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle. 

Whatever you're seeking, and regardless of its actual worth or value, you're always guaranteed to find useable, desirable, on-trend design at our Antique Home & Vintage fairs. 

But don't just take our word for it. Come see for yourself!

Keeping it Green

We take every effort to reduce, reuse and recycle.

In the last 18 months we have:

  • stopped issuing paper tickets for all our events

  • stopped issuing disposable parking passes to our traders

  • limited our use of single use plastics 

  • changed our flyers to 100% recyclable paper made from 50% recycled stock 

  • reduced the number of letters we send by post - preferring email over Royal Mail

  • encouraged traders to pay by bank transfer rather than cheque

Our commitment is ongoing and we are always looking for additional ways to “keep it green” and welcome any suggestions you may have.